Fennel Smell

Fennel Smell

Fennel Smell


Has a good attractive scent, and women use it as a perfume. They dry it, crush it, and wash their hair with it, so it grows and smells good.

Kaab bin Zuhair said:

The wind is still drenching everyone who has a rainy day. If a dima wears a gush, then the vacuoles and the basil and the rain fall out.

And fatigue with the place and the zharqa, and what distinguishes the slaughtered (al-hadqouk, or al-shammari)

From what distinguishes it from ordinary shamrocks is that its leaves have serrated edges more clearly than the serrations of the shamrock leaves.

It also sleeps flat on the ground, unlike the shamrock which is based on its market, and its smell is stronger than the smell of standing shamrock.

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